It’s always the #littlethings that count…

I was invited by Freixenet to document the little things in my life and this couldn’t have come at a better moment.

I was having a particularly bad day – for no reason at all (Don’t you have those sometimes?) The weather was gloomy to say the least.

The children were taking their own sweet time to dress in spite of repeated reminders – have you brushed your teeth? Is your homework in your bag? Do you have your hat? Put your socks on…Get off the iPad!!! And it goes on and on…

We reached the school just in time to see the classroom door close and we had to go through the office.

I burnt my toast and found I had run out of butter. And it went on…and on…

Then like I always do, I called on my Mum. Though she is no more she helps me through all my ‘Argh’ moments in her own special way.

The next day turned out to be one that had me smiling all day. Little things happened. Little things that made me smile. And I knew it was my Mum who had sent me these little things to let me know that I needed to pay attention to the little things to bring happiness.

My mother was a great believer in the #littlethings. She didn’t need expensive presents or huge shows of affection. She was unassuming but strong and she taught me that it was always the little things that count. Something I had forgotten as I chose to get bowed down more by things that go wrong.

Although the day that these little things happened made me once again believe…

  • The children surprisingly were ready and dressed for school 15 minutes early and we were at school before the classroom doors opened. (without my having to get after them)
  • On our way to school we saw a beautiful ‘kiss’ like this in the sky – definitely from Grandma, the children said. We see these kisses from time to time.


  • Getting to the front door after the school run just in time for the courier delivery
  • Finding an email in my inbox that told me my favourite hoodie was on sale for less than half price and then managing to get my choice of colour and size(double whammy)
  • A delivery of these amazing wines – sweet and fruity – just the way I like it.


  • My daughter writing a lovely poem for her homework. Made me proud.
  • My son drawing a picture of himself and me at school (he normally only draws Transformers)
  • My youngest daughter telling me she loves me more than chocolate. (And she DOES Love Chocolate!!)
  • My husband cooking my favourite – Prawns in Coconut Gravy (It wasn’t on the menu for the day)
  • Getting some unexpected lovely deliveries for Christmas in the post.
  • Trying on and fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!! #YES
  • The song that was played as our first dance at our wedding – ‘Something about the way you look tonight’  – being played on telly.
  • After searching desperately for my perfect elf and being disappointed at not being able to get it here on time, to manage to get it delivered.


The list could go on  – but then I realised that if I look really hard, there are these ‘YES’ moments everyday  – may not be as many but they’re there all the same and each one is worth celebrating.

Thank you, Mum for showing me what really matters.

From now on, I am going to concentrate on the little things that happen everyday and I may even include them in a weekly post – lest I forget.

Little things happened

Things that made me smile –

And I realised that these little things

Are what make life worthwhile.

It doesn’t pay to dwell on

Things that may go wrong;

Things can change in a second

When you hum your favourite song.

If you’d count the little things,

I’m sure that you’d see

The world is a much nicer

And happier place to be.

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