Is Your Child Being Bullied?

School bully or bullies bullying sad lonely child

Is your child being bullied? I mean, can you ever really know?

Many children do not talk to their parents about school and other students having a go at them until it’s too serious and sometime far too late. Some children cannot identify that they are being bullied because it’s not a blatant name calling  or physical kind of thing. But, bullying takes various forms and the sooner you identify it with your child, the better.

It may not always be a child your child does not get on with. Sometimes, it could well be your child’s friend and your child will not see it as bullying, but it is and the sooner it is reported, the better.

Bullying has many forms –

Your child may be excluded from groups – that’s bullying.

Children may be ganging up against him/her and influencing others’ opinions of her – that’s bullying.

Children maybe imposing their authority over your child when it is not required – that’s bullying.

They may be laughing  at their seemingly having won an argument/ difference of opinion and getting others to join them – that’s bullying.

They may try to always put your child down – that’s bullying.

They may incite your child to gang up on another child – that’s bullying.

Making fun of race, colour, dress, looks etc – that’s definitely bullying.

You know your child and if she/he is upset by another person’s behaviour, it is well worth looking into it and identifying if she/he is being bullied. And make sure that you take necessary action.

Talk to your child often and get her/him to open up to you. Also make sure that you have full knowledge of her friends and peer group.

I know that most, if not all, schools do not look kindly on bullying and you should flag any form of it to the authorities. First of all, so that your child is not bullied and secondly, so that the bully is not able to bully anyone else.

I am increasingly surprised when some parents say – let them deal with it. Sometimes, it is good to step in. To take control as children quite often do not want to hurt the feelings of others or see it as  detrimental to their social interaction in the future.

I am also surprised when parents take bullying against one of their children seriously and then when their own child is the bully, are quite blind to it.

Bullying is NEVER okay. It is never to be tolerated. And it MUST be reported as soon as possible.

Have you ever had a run in with a bully? Leave me a note, I’d love to know what you think.

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