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Flashback – the past…Its the 1980’s…a family sits at the table playing a traditional board game.

The present – 2013 – A family sits at the table playing a board game on the iPad or other mobile device.

My children hog my iPad and love playing games on it. The apps that I download are mostly free apps as they seem to get so easily bored with the games and if I have to pay for games and in-app purchases – well, let’s not even go there.

I love playing board games – thats what we played when I was growing up. Nowadays, I do realise that children are more tuned into media and mobile devices.

Most times these devices can be totally selfish as games are usually played alone. Thus, I was really happy to receive these products – iPieces and AppCards from Jumbo that made the iPad a device that could involve 2 or more members of the family.


I was really happy to received these 3 board games from Jumbo that are played on the iPad –

Peppa Pig


Sound Bingo

You will be able to download the app that is relevant to the game from the App Store. Some of them require the iPad and some can be played on a smart phone too.


Peppa Pig – This is a fun exciting game for 2 – 4 players. It involved using the pieces to complete mini games and whoever finishes first is the winner. My children love this one. Even the little one aged two years tries her hand at it. The well loved characters from Peppa Pig – Danny Dog, Suzy Sheep, Peppa and George make it a wonderful game for children.

The mini games are interesting and suited to children so they are not too difficult and they are also short enough so they don’t get bored.

This game is priced at £12.99


Pool  – This game can be played by 2 players and is the classic game of pool being played with mini cues which is such fun. I do love playing against Hubs (unfortunately I always lose!)

These are probably for older children though they are suitable for age 4+

It is so much fun challenging your opponent on the iPad and the use of the iCues make it more realistic.

iPieces Pool is priced at £9.99


Sound Bingo  App Cards – This is a game which can even be played on a smart phone. It is a lovely game even for younger children to identify sounds of animals, vehicles and even things like bells and thunder. The game is similar to matching the card to the sound.

Each player either chooses a colour and uses those cards or the deck is shuffled and 8 cards each are dealt out. Once the game begins, a sound is played. If you have the card that you think makes the sound, swipe it on the card on the iPad. Swipe again to reveal the correct card and swipe once more to get to the next sound.

If the card is correct, place it near you face up. The one who has no cards left is the winner.

It is a fairly easy game to play but great for young children. The targeted age is 4+ but it can be played with slightly younger children.

I think all 3 games are a great way of families playing old fashioned board games the digital way. It is nice to be able to use technology all together. It is a wonderful way of getting the gamily together and using devices that the children are familiar with.

This is priced at £9.99

There are many other games available like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders. These would make ideal stocking fillers for Christmas or given in a bundle as a lovely Christmas present.

Disclosure: I received the above games to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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