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Front Cover



I have a case for my iPad but when I was offered a review of a personalised case from Caseable, I figured it was an offer I should not refuse.

The caseable site is quite easy to navigate and I was able to sign in and create my own design quite easily. I had originally decided to put a picture on only on the front cover but Andrew from Caseable suggested that I put one on the back too. Since I already had a picture of the three children on the front, I was wondering what to put on the back.


I decided to upload different pictures of the children on the back cover to make a collage. I sent the pictures to Andrew and he created it for me but I later looked on the website and it is quite easy to do it on your own too.

Back Cover

It took about 10 days for the case to be made and delivered which was pretty quick, I think.


Just one downside about the iPad case is that it does not have any provision for the camera so you need to use the front camera or remove it each time you want to take a picture. Other than that, the material is good and the inside is also well made and the iPad is pretty secure in it as it is held in place with elasticised bands.

I think this would make a lovely Father’s Day gift with Father’s Day around the corner. There is a huge range of pictures that you could choose from and they are all really nice and elegant. Otherwise you could upload your own pictures for a truly customised case.

Cases are available for several Smartphone models, e-readers, Laptops, Tablets and iPads.

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