Invisalign – the virtually invisible answer to perfect teeth

A smile can change anyone’s day. It also makes a difference if a smile is accompanied by perfect teeth. I’m not saying that people with crooked teeth don’t look good when they smile but a nice set of teeth does make a better impact.

While my teeth may not be perfect, they are well aligned and I am thankful for that. If they weren’t I am sure that I would have looked at getting them straightened.

In fact, my daughter delayed in taking out her baby tooth and had her adult tooth come out behind it. When we questioned the dentist, she told us that would not make much of a difference but it did. Her teeth are now not aligned properly and one of her front teeth are quite crooked.

I am looking at getting this sorted and I was quite pleased to come across Sensu which has Invisalign braces that I am sure my daughter will be more likely to want to wear. Whenever I talk to her about braces, she tells me that they look ugly.


Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. These are custom made so that they are suited to individual needs. You need to wear the first set for two weeks and then the next set and so on. They are also removable so there is no problem with brushing etc.


I think this sounds really interesting and innovative. Prices start at £895 and there are flexible payment plans so that anyone thinking seriously of getting this done has options.

Have you had or thought of having your teeth straightened? Do let me know in the comments section as I would love to know what treatment you had and how it worked.

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