Investing In Kid’s Bedroom Furniture That Will Last

We live in a throwaway society. Everything from plastic bags to disposable coffee cups and water bottles are part of our lives. Finally, society is waking up to how bad this is for the planet and we are starting to search for ways to reuse and recycle.

It is the same for kid’s bedroom furniture. Do you really have to buy tiny furniture and baby things that will only be suitable for a few months or can you invest in some classic pieces that will suit them until they leave home?

Cut down on redecorating costs

Try to avoid the classic baby look in the nursery. Choose neutral colours for the walls and the ceiling and then it is easy to patch it up if it gets stained or worn. You can make the room look pretty for your baby by choosing curtains and fabrics with appropriate designs. These are easy and cheap to replace as your little one grows up.

It is important that you choose a floor covering that will last as this is both expensive and disruptive to replace. Why not go with a hard-wearing laminate from B&Q or with a carpet in a neutral colour. Classic white gloss is always best for skirting boards and door frames. You can finish the look off with details such as lampshades and prints.

Choose second-hand furniture

You can save a fortune by buying second-hand furniture. It costs a fraction of the new items and is usually in excellent condition. Many pieces have hardly been used. However, you need to choose quality items that will last so you need to look out for:

  • Furniture made from natural products such as wood. They age well and look good even if they have a few bumps and chips.
  • Well-constructed pieces. It needs to have well-built joints. The legs need to be well attached and nothing should be hanging off!
  • Drawers that do what they are meant to do. Cheap furniture often has flimsy drawers. As soon as you put clothes in them, the bottom falls out and once you start using them for toys they will collapse.

Avoid plastic furniture or anything that looks like it will stain or mark easily.

Where to find the best furniture

You shouldn’t have to travel very far to find what you are looking for. Ask your friends and family if they are looking to get rid of any furniture. Is there anything that you like the look of lurking in your grandmother’s attic? You can use shiply to organise transporting large furniture to your home. All you have to do is fill in one simple form and a quote is delivered to you by email.

You can have great fun renovating old items and they will mean a lot more to you when you have finished.

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