Introducing your little one to a new baby – how we did it…

I remember when we came to know I was pregnant with Ethan, we decided that Jadyn (then 4) should be the first one to share in our happiness. When we told her, she was excited and told us then and there – ‘It’s a boy’ We didn’t know at that time whether we were having a boy or a girl but she was pretty sure.

We were told of sibling jealousy but Jadyn was very excited about her little baby brother. We let her hold him when we were back from hospital and she also helped us choose all the baby clothes. She would listen to the telly on little or no volume so that Ethan could sleep and she was ever so good.

When we were expecting Aeryn, we told the children although Ethan was too young to register the news. He did however ask questions as my tummy grew and I had to stop lifting him up in my arms. He was a little sweetheart at 2 when he had to give up his bed for the baby. And I wasn’t there for the first 10 days too.

Now, they both baby Aeryn and she revels in it.

We always involved the older children in what was going on with the younger ones and often asked them to choose what baby should wear or help feed him/her. They would be proud to be older siblings.

The country is abuzz awaiting the royal birth of Prince William and Kate’s second child. Wonder how little Prince George is taking it? Is he asking loads of questions?

My advice to Kate – Involve George in everything regarding the baby – let him fetch nappies, help feed, sing baby a lullaby. Make him feel important as an older sibling.

Here are some tips by other moms –

Royal Baby_tips_Final-page-001

If you have an older child whom you think is a super sibling, you may want to print this certificate out and hand it over to him/her.

Royal Baby_certificate-page-001


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