Introducing the new Cloudbabies range of toys

Who polishes the sun? Wipes the cobwebs from the moon?… Cloudbabies.

A familiar theme in most homes with toddlers, I’m sure.

The Cloudbabies is popular in our home and it proves that you are never too old to love a Cloud baby.

Baba Pink, Blue, Green or Yellow and all their sky friends entertain children round the world with their soothing bedtime stories on Cbeebies.

That’s why a Cloudbaby is a welcome addition to the home.

We were sent My First Cloudbaby – Baba Pink and a Beanie Plush – Baba Blue.

The Cloudbabies have adorable pixie like features and both the toys resemble their on screen counterparts.


My First Cloudbaby – Baba Pink is perfect for sensory play. The right foot crinkles when touched and the left foot has a rattle in it. There is a little mirror when you part the two parts of the coat. They are both attached with velcro. There are different textures to the hands – one smooth and the other a little rougher. Baba Pink wears a little hat with a star on her forehead. It is a delightful little toy and is just the right size for little hands. It is priced at £19.99  and although this may seem a tad on the high side when you look at the quality of the toy, it can be justified.


The Baba Blue plush is about 6.5 inches. It has a hard plastic head with rainbow hair and crescent shape on its forehead. The body is characteristic of a beanie and it is perfect for little ones. Baba Blue wears a little blue romper with a crescent moon on it. Priced at £6.99 it would be great for any little Cloudbabies fan.

Both toys can be added to imaginative play and as mentioned before they are great sensory toys. Sensory play is so important for little ones as they make their own discoveries through touch.

There is a whole range of toys in the Cloudbabies Store and you can check it out here

Disclaimer: I was sent the above two toys from the Cloudbabies range. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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