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Ethan suffers from allergies and I have to be extra careful with dust. With the dust I do see, its easy – I clean it up. But what about the dust that is not visible to the naked eye? Dust mites are irritants to allergy sufferers and they are very hard to get rid off as they are not easily seen.



I know there are dust mites all around us but I was really surprised to read just how many there are! Here are some facts about dust mites –

Dust mites:

Dust mites are the number one cause of allergies in the home.They feed off the skin cells that humans shed. And litter our beds, sofas, carpets, clothing and cuddly toys with feces. Their feces are so light and tiny that they float easily into air when disturbed by our everyday activities. Inhaling these minute particles causes allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to a type of protein found in dust mite feces.

  • An average bed has up to 3 million dust mites.
  • There are 500,000 particles of dust in the average cubic meter of air. 50% is dead human skin cells.
  • Humans shed about 30,000 – 40,000 skin cells per minute, or about 28 grams per month (equivalent to a bag of crisps).
  • The average square meter of carpet has 1,000 dust mites. Each critter produces up to 30 droppings a day. It’s these droppings that most people are allergic to.
  • Moving around in your bed disturbs dust mite droppings which then stay airborne for at least 30 minutes.
  • Pollen is built to travel, often going hundreds of miles and coming into your home through open windows. It often settles on floors and under furniture where it can be breathed but not seen.
  • In the microbiology lab, Dyson scientists grow their own dust mite cultures. This enables them to study their behavior and the allergens they produce, and help design engineers develop machines to combat them better.  
  • Dust mites don’t just live in mattresses and carpets – sofas and cushions are ideal environments too.
  • Dust mites can’t survive extreme temperatures. Freeze delicate bed sheets to kill them.

Combatting dust mites:

  • Vacuum mattresses regularly to pick up skin cells and dust mite faeces. Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are all approved by the AllergyFoundation and their unique cyclone technology means they have no loss of suction.
  • You can kill dust mites by placing items like toys in a plastic bag, freezing them for two days and letting them thaw naturally – this will kill the dust mites as they cannot survive the cold.
  • Removing shoes before entering the house. Otherwise you will be walking in nasty chemicals, pollen, dirt and dust straight into your home.
  • Make up brushes aren’t to be forgotten either. To kill these mites pop them in the freezer for a few hours and this kills all the mites. 

I recently attended a Dyson event at Stratford City and I was extremely taken with the Dyson Cinetic machine. For one, it is quite a space saver as it is not a huge standing machine. I particularly liked the fact that it does make a loud sound as none of the children like the sound of the vacuum. Of course, it picks up dirt and dust very efficiently as I tried it out and found it to have a strong suction and the best part – there are no filters! It really gets my goat when my vacuum cleaner is not picking up efficiently because the filter is clogged. It means that I have to wash it and this delays my cleaning process.


Now there seems to be a redeeming factor – The Dyson Cinetic and here are its features –

Dyson Cinetic™ cyclones

Smaller cyclones generate higher centrifugal forces and capture smaller particles. But the tighter the cyclone, the more likely it is to block. Dyson engineers have created cyclones with flexible tips. The spinning airflow agitates the tips, setting up an oscillation which prevents dust from sticking to the cyclones – keeping them clear. 


Dyson engineers went through 50 iterations of the technology using different materials: if the material is too hard, the tips cannot oscillate enough to move dust through to the bin. If the material is too soft, the airflow causes the cyclones to shut, blocking them off.


 Carbon fibre turbine head

On carpets the stiff nylon bristles remove dirt. On hard floors the ultra-fine antistatic carbon fibre filaments remove fine dust. 


Dyson Ball™ technology

Sitting on a ball, The Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum has a low centre of gravity and is easier to pull without snagging on corners or the carpet pile. Coupled with a unique central steering system, the vacuum uses an articulating chassis and central pivot point for negotiating tight turns and circumnavigating sofas.


I was quite thrilled to see that with the Dyson Cinetic, you can say goodbye to having to use the scissors to snip off those pesky carpet threads that wind around the brush head as the Dyson technology ensures that it does not get stuck in the brush.

I think that this machine epitomises innovation at its best while ensuring that my home will be free of dust and other nasties. It is something that I definitely associate with the Dyson name.

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. I just think that this is such an innovative machine. All ideas are my own.

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