Introducing our Elf

Tomorrow our elf will be officially let into the house. She is called Ellie and is super cute.

I have written out a letter from Santa to the children telling them all about her.

santa letter 2

santa letter 3

( A two page letter from Santa. Boy, did I get carried away!!)

I am going to put Ellie outside the door and have hubs knock on it. Will send my eldest to the door and Ellie will be waiting outside with her letter and their 3 advent calendars.

I am very excited. The children think I have forgotten the advent calendars. I told them I’ve been so busy that I forgot. I said I was really sorry and that I would pick them up a calendar each while they were at school. They bought it!

As if Santa would forget!!

I hope to be able to capture their faces when they see Ellie as this is one secret that they have no idea of. It’s been hard because I have so wanted to show them our elf.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I hope we’re not late for school!

Do you think the teachers would buy that the elf tied us up and that’s why we were late? No? Hmmm…..I thought not!

How are your introducing your children to the elf? Leave a comment, I sure would like to know.


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