Introducing…The Magic Hat Reviewer on YouTube

Aeryn has been long since pestering me for her own YouTube channel. Isn’t mine enough? Apparently not.

She obviously had a plan in mind and what a plan it is.

The idea of the channel is completely hers (I’m actually quite proud of her). Every time she puts her hat on, a toy appears. So say a big hello to (drumroll please)…

The Magic Hat Reviewer


And it doesn’t end there.

Soon after the channel was set up, she got a poster ready (Heck, I don’t have one!) . I have strict instructions to recreate this on the computer. Canva she says!

The Magic Hat Reviewer


I worry that she may already have a business plan in mind and I’ll have to pay out on advertising soon.

I do know that I need to get her logo sorted.

Update as soon as I uploaded the post – She didn’t let me rest and we have a logo too. I am slightly in awe of her. The design is her own with the hat on the writing a must!

She checks in everyday to see how many views and subscribers she has too. (SO on the ball)

It’s adorable to watch and I wish her all the best. I’m sure she’ll soon have many more subscribers than I do! Don’t forget to visit The Magic Hat Reviewer on YouTube

42 thoughts on “Introducing…The Magic Hat Reviewer on YouTube

    1. Thanks Helen. She keeps checking to see how many views she’s had so it will be great to have more views for her channel.

  1. It’s so cute that she came up with such a brilliant idea and that is very involved in creating sort of a brand of her own. We should always support our children’s passions and encourage them to do what they love.

    1. She has a good idea of what she wants. I always support them with new ventures and in this case I’m glad I can use my knowledge of what I already know to help her in a big way.

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