Interview with Bonnie Arnold, Producer of How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is out now on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

I had the privilege of speaking to Dean DeBlois and Bonnie Arnold about both the films and it gave me so much more insight into their making.

Interview with Bonnie Arnold –

Bonnie Arnold

How do you choose your films? Is it your background as a writer that helps?

I love movies, I am a huge film fan and loved movies from young. If the story appeals and I love the book then it interests me to take up the film. There are a lot of films based on books, literature. I would say it’s my background in Literature that influences my films.

What made you go into animation?

The opportunity presented itself with Toy Story but I said I would only do How to Train Your Dragon if I was a producer.

The live action was great but it involved a lot of travelling. I decided to stop travelling and have the opportunity to have normal life, raising my daughter. I love the impression on children, being able to watch it together with them and the the enjoyment of watching children watch a film and laugh and cry.

Do you think a film should be exact to the book? How much did How to Train your dragon keep to this?

I think books translate into the movie.

With How to Train Your Dragon, we decided that it should digress but retained main characters important messages in the story,

Some films like Harry Potter are pretty much in keeping with the book.

I feel that books are an internal story but movies are more visual. However, a good story is a good story so whether it’s a book or a film, it will be good.

How different was producing the sequel different to the first part?

We had some of the same key creative people – Dean, writer and director, and the crew made the best version of the story. It was an amazing trip to Norway for location and a great bonding experience. We had a creative team from the beginning. The new software had its challenges but it was rewarding.

What are you looking forward to in part 3?

Dean wanted a trilogy. Movie 3 will be its own film but it will be a completion of the trilogy. It will be satisfying on its own.

Can you tell me something about the DVD extras?

DVD extras contains commentary on the making of the movie, Dean , Simon, Pierre talking on the theme and elements.  There was always a video camera with Dean where he recorded milestones on the making of the movie.

There is a Dawn of the Dragon Racers short, the exploration of Berk and Hiccup and Toothless talking about flying.

5689907001_3PA_jpgHR(1)The Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD feature hours of bonus materials that explore the world of dragons and more. Furthermore, the Blu-ray™ and Digital HD contain four exclusive featurettes, and deleted scenes.

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