Interesting children’s meals for Halloween with Birds Eye

My children are easily bored. This means that I often have to think up some super interesting meals for them.

Of course with 3 of them running circles (literally) round me, I have to prepare  these meals really quickly. That’s why I am constantly on the prowl for inspiration to be able to make interesting, wholesome meals for them.

With Halloween almost upon us, Birds Eye commissioned Georgina Besterman to create some super spooky creations to keep the children entertained and eating at the table!

Halloween Spider


What you will need

Birds Eye BBQ Chicken Bites

Birds Eye Garden Peas

Birds Eye Field Fresh Very Fine Green Beans

Birds Eye Field Fresh County Mix

Carrot Sticks

 How to make your own scary serving suggestion

Body: place three Birds Eye BBQ chicken bites in a pile

Face: use one Birds Eye BBQ chicken bite with eyes made from peas and teeth form carrot stick shards

Legs: cut carrot sticks into diagonals to make joints

Fly: the body consists of half a Birds Eye BBQ chicken bite with eyes of two peas, wings of carrot slices from country mix and legs of green bean strips

Background: peas dotted around

 Halloween Ghost


What you will need

Mashed Potato

Birds Eye Chicken Space Shapes

Birds Eye Garden Peas

 How to make your own scary serving suggestion

Body: flatten mashed potato and spread to as indicated

Eyes: cut one Birds Eye moon chicken shape in half and add peas for pupils

Mouth: place a Birds Eye chicken moon upside for the smile

Background: use two Birds Eye star chicken shapes and peas dotted between them

 Halloween Witch’s Face


What you will need

Carrot Sticks

Birds Eye Chicken Dippers

Birds Eye Garden Peas

Birds Eye Fish Fingers

Birds Eye Potato Waffles


How to make your own scary serving suggestion

Outline: carrot sticks

Eyebrows: carrot sticks

Mouth: a single carrot stick

Eyes and nose: Birds Eye chicken dippers with pupils of peas and carrot

Warty skin: peas

Brim of hat: Birds Eye Fish Fingers cut in half

Pointy hat: cut one Birds Eye potato waffle cut into a diagonal and put back together as a triangle

I am going to be trying out these tasty treats with the children this half term and maybe try out some of my own so be sure to drop by and check out how we fared. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below and I will try them out. 🙂


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