Inspired by UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 Tournament

Jadyn has never been very sporty but when she was in Year 6, she got an opportunity to take part in quite a few sports events. One of them was football and she joined the school team to take part in a tournament. For a team that hadn’t had much practice, they did pretty well and I was super proud of her. During the last year, she has been interested in sport and has been trying out for the netball team as well as engaging in other sports in school.

In the last week, we have been following the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 Tournament and I was glad to see that she expressed an interest in playing football again.


On the 27th, we sat down to watch the Portugal-England match and were thrilled that England won 2-1. Today, England beat France 1-0. With the England team doing ever so well, we are even more fired to watch the upcoming matches in the tournament. It is also a great way to spend some family time together rooting for your home team. Get the barbecue on, paint your face in colours of the flag and sit down to cheer England on.

McDonald’s is a key sponsor of the tournament and if you didn’t know this, is celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary of Grassroots Football Programme.

What is the Grassroots Football Programme?

Through this programme, McDonald’s has helped recruit and train more than 30,000 coaches and helped over 7,000 clubs achieve their Club Accreditation, raising standards across the country. McDonald’s has also provided over 230,000 free kits to accredited clubs, recognised hundreds of volunteers via its Community Awards, provided much needed equipment to local clubs through its franchisees, and this summer will host dozens of Community Football Days at grassroots clubs, to encourage youngsters to get active and participate in the game. More information on this can be found here.

I also love their Player Escort Programme which was introduced in 2002 where boys AND girls get a chance to stand beside their favourite superstars and experience the energy and the buzz of the stadium first hand. It’s such a lovely gesture and I’m even more thrilled that it is inclusive.

I feel that watching the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 is so inspirational for young girls and more importantly a perfect way of getting the family together for some quality time.

In fact, the children were so inspired by the match, that they insisted on taking the ball out to the park and getting their moves on. With the weather as it is, it’s great to be outdoors. And what’s a little rain anyway?

We were lucky to have sun to kick the ball around and we spent some lovely moments out there as a family. It just shows that you don’t have to spend loads of money taking the kids out, they are just as happy playing football in the park. And who knows where that interest may take them in future?

The Tournament is on until 6th August so do be sure to get the family together for a great evening of watching football. The team is doing so well so it’s great to cheer them on.

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