Inspiration for Sports Wallpapers: Hanging Posters at Home


At some point or another, everybody goes through a phase where almost every inch of wall space available is taken up by posters. From using posters to sports wallpapersto huge pictures of famous faces, it’s something of a rite of passage most people are familiar with.

However, it’s these connotations with teenagers’ bedrooms and college dorms that often result in adults having a somewhat skewed view on posters in general.  They don’t think twice about getting creative with ornate wallpapers and paints, but the very idea of decorating with posters seems a little juvenile.

The question being – can you get creative with inspiring sports wallpapers, without crossing the line into the whole college dorm effect?

Simple Rules, Incredible Results

Contrary to popular belief, decorating a home with posterscan be both cost-efficient and surprisingly effective. It’s simply a case of taking a strategic approach, rather than the more generic teenage approach of just throwing posters all over the place on a completely random basis.

Used strategically, posters can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can bring a much-needed pop of colour to a room, they can serve as focus points in minimalist interiors and they can be used to complement other features quite beautifully. They can also be fantastically artistic and decorative in their own right, with the added bonus of being quick and easy to mount and move, as and when required.

Still, avoiding the teenage-bedroom cliché means investing a little thought into the process of both purchasing and positioning posters around your interiors.  Nevertheless, proceed in accordance with the following simple yet surprisingly effective rules and chances are you won’t go wrong:

  1. If in doubt, frame it

First up, it’s actually incredible how big of a difference it can make when you pair just about any poster with a quality frame. This is where the difference between teenage-bedroom posters and elegant, ornamental posters for the home comes into the equation. When you frame a poster, you immediately transform it into an elegant and beautiful work of art. When it’s difficult to get away with sticking posters straight on to the wall, frame it and see how different it looks.

  1. Use a poster rail

Poster rails are essentially just a basic alternative to framing, which typically pairs a bottom rail with a top rail and a hanger of some kind. Again, depending on the type of poster and where you intend to hang it, poster rails can have the most dramatic effect on the elegance and overall appearance of posters. Cheap to buy and easy to work with, poster rails are simple yet effective tools for transforming the visual appeal of posters.

  1. Ensure your posters are colour coordinated

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is that of bringing in posters that create unpleasant or chaotic colour clashes. That is, unless this is precisely your intention. Colour coordinating posters means taking into account everything else you already have around the living space in question. Existing pictures, furniture, fixtures, carpets, curtains, wallpaper and so on – all the kinds of things that can be beautifully complemented with a strategically selected poster.  Once again, the key to success lying in avoiding the random approach.

  1. You don’t always have to hang posters

If you have any shelves or similar surfaces around the interior space, these can be great for creating a uniquely attractive effect with framed posters. Rather than hanging them on your walls, why not simply try resting on a shelf and allowing them to lean on the wall? It’s basically a way of transforming your posters into ornamental features, rather than artwork to be positioned in the usual way.

  1. Group a series of posters together

Also more effective than simply positioning posters randomly around your interiors, why not try grouping a series of posters together. In the case of sports wallpapers and posters for instance, a series of golfing posters, football posters or the posters of your choosing positioned closely together create an attractive and compelling feature in its own right. Far more so than if several complementary images are scattered around the interior with no real attention to detail.

  1. Go big

One of the easiest ways of bringing posters into the modern home with unique effectiveness is to go big. Rather than focusing on smaller standard-sized posters and wallpapers, why not invest in something that covers almost an entire wall? This is when posters cease to be posters in the traditional sense and practically become wallpapers in their own right. Explore the options available in terms of hanging and framing, along with posters in all different shapes and sizes.

  1. Go monochrome

Depending on your interiors, monochrome posters have the potential to be incredibly elegant and sophisticated in their appearance. Simply by taking any meaningful image and converting it to a pristine black and white version, the transformation can be quite remarkable. In areas of the home where you may not typically even consider displaying posters, monochrome posters and papers could have an entirely different affect. So again, feel free to experiment to your heart’s content.

  1. Quality counts

Last but not least, one of the most important rules for success when looking to hang posters at home is that of picking up only the highest quality posters you can lay your hands on. If there are even the slightest of the issues regarding the quality and clarity of the posters you use, you’ll find it impossible to create the result you’re looking for. Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners on quality – pick up the best posters money can buy and compliment them with equally high-quality frames.



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