INNOVO attempt at Guinness World Record

I guess we’ve all had out ‘Oops’ moments and know how important the pelvic floor is. Especially as we get older and after having children.


INNOVO,  to support World Continence Week and Women in Sport Week,  is attempting to break the World Record for the most people simultaneously bouncing on mini-trampolines in one location. Here’s some more information –

While the world can be tough, we must never forget to make time for and to enjoy those everyday ‘wow’ moments that make us feel good about life. Londoners are leading the way with support from Olympian Rebecca Adlington by coming together with Innovo to enjoy a truly “wow” experience -and break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record title into the bargain -for mass trampolining on mini trampolines!


If you would like to take part, visit to register.


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