In preparation for Star Wars – The Force Awakens with Ravensburger

We’re all excited about the new Star Wars film. Who isn’t?

We were sent some amazing games from Ravensburger to review in time for the release of the film just to get us more into the mood.

First up, it’s the XXL jigsaw puzzle from the new film – The Force Awakens.


This is a 200 piece puzzle and it did take us some time to get it together simply because of the dark and light images. But once done, it is a great looking picture and represents exactly what Star Wars is all about. I love the fact that the pieces only fit into where they need to go so there is little chance of getting a picture that doesn’t really look good. It is quite large too. The jigsaw is made of good quality and the pieces don’t bend like some others.



Jigsaws are great for children and are perfect for hand to eye coordination and concentration too. I love working on them myself.




Next up, we were sent the Star Wars Galaxy Rebellion game. This is aimed at children aged 8+ and it is a bit complicated at first but once you start playing it, it is really interesting and is perfect to defeat the rebellion. It contains –

  • 3 double sided planet game boards
  • 4 dice
  • 4 rebel tokens, 2 sith lord tokens, 13 ally tokens
  • 19 holders
  • 33 Rebel markers
  • 46 victory point chips


The aim of the game is to have the highest amount of victory points. What you need to do is to play all 6 boards or different planets to complete the game. Each game on each planet takes a short time so the game in total does not take very long. However, you can actually just play one or two planets if you want to shorten the game.


You roll the dice and try to match at least two symbols from the Empire. You can then use your Allies or your Rebel tokens to help you in each game.

The game is interesting and though it may need some explaining, it is soon great fun and who doesn’t want to conquer the Empire?


I was also sent this 1000 piece jigsaw from Ravensburger and  I’ve not really managed to get much done with this one. It is a rather lovely jigsaw but it does involve a lot of tiny pieces. It’s fun to do though and there is nothing nicer than completing a jigsaw so I’m going to keep the rest of it for the holidays when I can really sit down undisturbed and complete it.

It is aimed at children over 14+ (adults included)

It will be perfect for the Star Wars frenzy and hopefully we’ll get to watch the film during the holidays too.

Ravensburger has a lovely range of Star Wars product perfect for fans of any age. Do click here to have a look at the range.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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