The Importance of Mental Well Being

You seem to hear more and more, these days, about the importance of looking after your mental well-being. What used to be thought of as a slightly quirky thing, perhaps, for people at the extremes of society is now thought of much more in the mainstream. This is long overdue and it’s great that people talk about and openly acknowledge the prevalence of mental problems.



It is often said, when it comes to dealing with problematic psychological issues of different kinds, including alcoholism, that acceptance is the solution. So it follows that generalized acceptance in our society that mental health problems are far more widespread than was previously acknowledged is also part of the wider societal healing process; this is completely logical.

Of course, there are many different levels of psychological problems from someone feeling a little depressed from time to time, to extreme schizophrenia or paranoia. There are endless shades of grey between the two extremes – and there are also many different ways of dealing with the problems.

The bottom line – when it comes to effective treatments – is really all about belief. If you’re optimistic and expect the best from a therapy, then it’s likely that that therapy will work for you. There are many different ways to keep your brain healthy, and many alternative forms of therapy. For some people, the simple counselling of a friend or confidante is helpful, whilst others may find inner calm through music or art therapy. Similarly, many people today take great comfort from psychic readings of different kinds. Seeing people with psychometric skills, the ability to feel the energies arising from everyday objects that you use a lot, for example, can be calming, comforting, and amazingly insightful.


The True Color of Love by Keoni Cabral, on Flickr “The True Color of Love” (CC BY 2.0) by Keoni Cabral

The key to finding success is in you, the recipient, trusting and believing in the methods used to help you stay mentally healthy – whatever the method may be. In other words, it’s all about finding a therapy that works best for you – and, yes, one that you enjoy and look forward to.

The end result of any psychological therapy is about healing and acceptance. For example, many people experiencing therapy for a few years will tell you that they started out looking for an immediate cure or a “quick fix”; but in actuality, the therapist’s insights and gentle steering helped them gradually realise why they are as they are – and that this in itself was an enormous boost to their psychological well-being.

If you feel you want to remain in the more conventional mainstream only, then the The American Psychotherapy Association may be a good place to start out. ‘The Association strives to better our collective perception of psychotherapy and the impact it can have on our mental health – and this is a good thing for our society as a whole as we’ve seen. It is an association of professionals aimed at providing services for psychotherapists – but can also help you find a qualified therapist. It has also done a lot to help bring mental health issues into mainstream culture as all begun to better understand and acknowledge the importance of mental well-being.

This post is written by Zoe Miles

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