I’m up for the Dirty 30 Challenge with Appliances Online

This is one blogging campaign that the husband is sure to be happy with – Cleaning. And not just any cleaning but a ceiling to floor clean – evening the skirting!!

Ok, lets face it. I’m not in the running for the Tidy Home Trophy. The house most times has toys on the floor and things out of place. It’s not that I like it that way. It’s just that sometimes there is so much more to do.

Cleaning also takes a back seat. I vacuum of course but those hidden away things are pushed to the back of my to do list.

AO – Appliances Online  challenged me to a 30 day clean up – 30 jobs, 30 minutes a day, 30 days.

I was sent a box of cleaning products that include foil, newspaper, baking soda and even tumble dryer sheets (that I will not need for the tumble dryer).


I have been provided with a checklist to ensure that after 30 days, my home will be in tip-top condition. Will I need to start over again after that?

Anyway if you want to join me, you can view the checklist here and if you need to print it out you can download the printable version here

There are some excellent tips on how to get your home clean with simple solutions – like vacuum 2 -3 teaspoons of cinnamon to make your house smell nice. It works. Cinnamon smells lovely – warm and comforting. And very inviting. 🙂


Now, me being me, I decided to tackle what seemed the most difficult job and started with defrosting the refrigerator. It did take more that 30 mintues to do mine as it needed doing for some time now. But it’s done and it’s clean and there’s no more ice collected in places they shouldn’t be.


My freezer


I shall be going through the list day by day so do come back and visit me in a month to see how I got on.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of products to take the Dirty 30 Challenge. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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