I’m Lovin’ It – The New Kiosks and Signature Range at McDonald’s

Last Tuesday, I headed off to Balham for a rather exciting event at McDonald’s. I was going to don the McDonald’s apron and hat and get behind the scenes to whip up a burger of my own. Yes, in the kitchen! No, I didn’t serve it out to anyone.

I was at Balham to be introduced to their new kiosks that are being rolled out nation wide that allow you to skip the queues at the till and have a totally customised experience.


The new kiosks mean that you get to choose what you want from the menu, customise it – use no salt option, take away the pickles etc, place the order, pay by card and then collect it from the till. What’s more, I was surprisingly pleased to know that you can also choose ‘Table Service’! Which means that you can place your order and have it delivered to your table. There are zones that you will be directed to making it easy for the correct order to be delivered. No more of this – being with the children and needing to grab a table and then keep looking back to see if they are okay while you place an order.

Ordering from the kiosks means you are also able to look at the range of food on offer without being rushed by the people behind you. You can take more time with your choices and have a more satisfying meal. For example, I didn’t know McDonalds served salads.

The next thing we saw was the introduction of tablets on some tables which means that you can surf the net or play games (even watch a movie if you have the time) while you enjoy your meal. A great way to catch up on social media! Do remember to sign out though.

You can read more about the innovations here 


We were then led into the staff area where we donned our aprons and hats and set off to work. It was quite a different experience being on the other side of the tills and I can tell you that it is hard work there. There are precise instructions to be followed when creating each sandwich and even the amount of onions is measured. It’s something that I don’t really think about when I am ordering a meal and expecting it to be out there in seconds and in perfect order.

Did you know –

The pickles in the sandwich are put in a precise way so that you get a taste of pickle in each bite?

The kitchen was clean and quite revolutionary in their design with fresh food being prepared. They also recycle the oil that they use. To reduce wastage, the food is freshly prepared.


I love the new kiosks which make the ordering process easier and helps to save lengthy queues. The kiosks only take card though so if you are paying cash, you need to order at the till.

I was also introduced to Mike Smith, franchisee who started his career in McDonalds and now owns 12 restaurants across Surrey including the one at Balham. He shared his very inspirational story with us.

We ended the day with a late lunch and this was the best part as I got to taste the new Signature Range from McDonalds. The Signature Collection includes 3 burgers – classic, BBQ and Spicy and they all taste SO good. They are like these gourmet burgers encased in the most delectable brioche bun. They are not available in all the restaurants as it is a pilot launch but it’s definitely worth travelling a bit for. Check out the McDonalds Signature Collection here.

McDonalds 2

My children are so jealous but I’ve promised them that I’ll take them to sample the new range soon.

Does your local McDonalds have the new kiosks and tablets? What do you think of them? Leave me a comment – I’d love to know.

I was invited to the event and paid for my time to write this post. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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