I’m Glad it was Me and not Her…

Tomorrow my youngest girl goes to school for a ‘Stay and play’. While I know that it’s not the same as the first day at school, for me it may be a tad bit difficult to walk away. She is my youngest and has just turned 3 and I sometimes feel like keeping her back another year with me.

Where has time gone?

3 years since the day that she was born.

3 years since the day I almost died.

And yet, I am glad it was me and not her. Me – who was in the ITU and not her. Me -who had a cardiac arrest and not her. Me who was on a ventilator and not her.

I have been reading about women with the same condition – Placenta Percreta and in many cases the babies have had to be admitted into NICU for long periods of time. They are on ventilators, they need constant monitoring and few have not survived. I don’t think I could have coped seeing my child in a situation like that.

I am glad and very thankful that my darling girl was fine at birth. That she was born perfect and with a good set of lungs (thanks to the injections I was given while I was pregnant to develop her lungs) I hear the evidence of that everyday. 🙂

Most of all, I am so glad that I am here with her and her sister and brother. That I survived.

I know she is special.

She is my angel.

And she has made our family complete!

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