I’m celebrating National Picnic Week with POM-BEAR

It is National Picnic Week and I don’t know about you but we love picnics.

A picnic is the best possible day out be it with the family or a romantic basket for two.


In our home, even a picnic to the local park can make the kids’ day turn from boring to super exciting and I must admit that I quite like the idea of sitting on the grass on a blanket and having a meal.

I like it when we make impromptu decisions and one such one was our visit to The White Cliffs of Dover. We decided to make the trip about 11 am and it was going to take us about 2 hours to get there. I managed to whip up a picnic within 15 minutes.


It’s easy – sandwiches, fruit, cheese strings, juice, and fairy cakes which are always at the ready in our house and not forgetting POM-BEAR (if there are any in the cupboard as they always get eaten so quickly)

Luckily, we took a picnic because once we started walking and felt hungry the nearest cafe was 45 minutes away each way. Whew! Thank God for picnics.


The nice thing about picnics is that the entire family gets into getting it ready. One makes sandwiches, one packs the bags. It’s always good to have a picnic bag that keeps the food cool in the hot summer sun.


Of course it helps if you have a super cool picnic bag like this which has plates, glasses, and even cutlery – a luxurious picnic! Although, I quite like the traditional wicker basket too so I am hoping to win this.


A beach is a fantastic place for a picnic provided you have enough cover so there is no sand in the sandwiches.  It can be a pain to walk back from your place of comfort on the sand to buy fish and chips. We once spent more time for space in the fish and chips restaurants than we spent on the sand! Now, we’ve learned our lesson and we take a picnic – and leave the fish and chips to just before we leave from home so that the children ( who get car sick) can throw up in the car!


Now, when the weather is bad like in the height of winter, we have a family tradition of having a picnic at home. Why ever not? We spread the picnic blanket on the carpet in the living room, get the picnic food and enjoy the evening having a leisurely meal complete with wine and cheese. The children love it and so do I.


Who doesn’t love some picnicking fun?
A meal on the grass, under the sun?
A blanket, a basket and a ball to play –
A kite to fly on a warm summer’s day
Sandwiches, fruit, cool drinks for me.
Cup cakes, doughnuts or even cream tea!
Watching the butterflies fly around
Beware of the bees with the buzzing sound
Feeding the ducks and watching them quack
Then maybe some cheese for a healthy snack
And if the rain should choose to fall
A rain dance is the best part of all –
If the weathers bad, bring the picnic indoors
Spread a blanket right there on the floor
Get out all the picnic food
It’s a great way to change the mood.
A picnic is fun whatever the weather
The best way of spending time together.


POM-BEAR is sponsoring National Picnic Week and you can read more about it or take part in the activities through the pages below. You can also follow the hashtag #PomBearPicnic
Disclaimer: This post is an entry in the Pom Bear – National Picnic Week Blogger Challenge.

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