I’m beginning to resent the jolly old man in the red suit…

I am getting a little angry with the man in the red suit!!

Okay, I probably have said it enough times but I do love Christmas and that includes Santa or Father Christmas for Jolly Old St. Nick or whatever name you know him by.

But in the last few weeks, I have begun to kind of resent the little man a bit. No fault of his. But then, who do I blame.

You know how you plan the perfect Christmas? This includes the turkey, the trimmings, the decorations and most importantly – the presents.

After weeks months of planning to get the presents the children have been vying for all year, you don’t even get so much as a thank you. Oh no – it’s all thanks to Santa.

I may have let slip, in a fit of desperation, when they’re being particularly whingy after Christmas (well, they don’t have to be good anymore, do they?) that I shall be taking the presents back to the shop if they don’t behave. To which they smugly reply, you can’t. Because Santa doesn’t take presents away. He just brings them. And if we’re naughty, we’ll just get a bag of coal NEXT YEAR!!

Well. Santa. Has. Already. Started. Making. Lists. (I hiss grinding my teeth)

And then, of course, after I have searched the entire online world looking for the elusive Transformer figure and danced with glee at having found it, on a deal and it being delivered in time for Christmas, to be told, he’s changed his mind and wants to write a new letter to Santa. Well, you bl**** well can’t. The toys have already been made and wrapped. How do you know? Because I just do. (Resisting the urge to stick out my tongue)

Any why  do the children refuse to listen even when I have used their middle names and the 1…2…. but just say Santa’s watching and they become little angels?

I mean ‘he’ brings them presents(and lots of them at that!) and they listen to him but lets see ‘him’ helping them with homework or taking them to school when its sodding wet or ironing and washing and bathing and…..

I know I’m probably going to get a bag of coal this year but that is only 350 days away and I bet I can get him to change his mind by then!

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