Igloo Mania from Brainstorm Toys – Review

We like playing board games and with the weather we’ve been having, it’s a good thing that we have a collection at home. We were also sent Igloo Mania recently to add to it and we enjoyed playing it.

Igloo Mania is a cool game. (see what I did there?)

It is a game of dexterity where you have to remove blocks without getting the others tumbling down. Sounds familiar?

Maybe – but these are ice blocks and half the fun is setting up the game. You’ll find out why soon.

To set up the game you have to build an igloo. And then remove the below plastic bit to have a full fledged igloo.



To play the game, you need to remove a block in turn and make sure that the igloo doesn’t tumble. You remove the block with an ice pick of course. It is the polar region after all.

What we thought –

The game was great fun especially to set up. We did however feel that each game lasted a very short time. Since the blocks are on a curve, they tend to fall apart more easily.

It still is a great game and I suppose you can play the game without removing the inside plastic and playing for points. (There are points on each block).

Igloo Mania is targeted to children aged 5+ and you require 2 – 4 players.

It is priced at £19.99 and is available at all major retailers.


19 thoughts on “Igloo Mania from Brainstorm Toys – Review

  1. Oooh I remember playing a similar game like this when I was young, it was always fun playing with the family especially when the weather wasn’t so good outside.

  2. I absolutely love the look of this and I’m sure my guys would love it. Hours of fun building things is definitely a winner in our house x

  3. I just had to quickly hide this post from B as he’d want it straight away.
    I tend to have a love hate relationship with these types of games. It’s all fun till you have to rebuild it!

    Sucks a bit that it doesn’t last long, may be theres a knack to getting further with it.

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