If you jump in muddy puddles…

I am so glad I have children  – I get to do things that would probably be considered soooooo immature!

Like if I want a chocolate while out and about all I need to do is say loudly – ‘ You want mummy to have one too?’ Okay then…. 🙂

And of course, in situations like yesterday. I suddenly had the irrestible urge to join my 2 year old in jumping in puddles. (All thanks to Peppa Pig). Now normally, a grown up just wouldn’t jump in muddy puddles but you cannot believe the fun to be had as you do.

It was drizzling on our way back from the school run and Aeryn decided to jump in all the puddles on her way back home. It looked like so much fun that when I turned down into our road – I went ‘ You want mummy to jump in a puddle too?’ To which her answer was an emphatic nod of her head.

And the next thing, I was jumping in a puddle or two. Of course, before I started, there was no one around.

However, after my first two jumps, I decided that Peppa and her family definitely knew what fun was about and decided to try a few more, only to turn and see my postman drive by and then have my old neighbour walk up behind me to be splashed by (a bit of) water from the puddle. As she looked at me over her glasses, I felt like a child about to be chided for a naughty deed. But with a smile, all she said was – ‘Enjoying the rain, my dear?’

To which I replied ‘ Aeryn insisted I join her.’ 🙂 and hurried away feeling decidedly foolish.

To feel the raindrops on my face without the fear of getting ill, to jump in muddy puddles without worrying about getting my clothes stained, to not worry about what people think of me doing so – was a feeling of freedom that is only found in the innocence of children.

It was nice to have the that feeling if only for a little while.

So the next time, you are down my way and you see a grown woman jumping in a puddle – that’s probably not me!!

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