If I Won The Lottery…

What would I do if I won the lottery? Hmm….tough question and one that would take a lot of time to answer if I really did win.

But since that seems like a distant dream I can let it stay a dream and dream on…

The first thing I would probably do is go shopping and spend a little money on all those pretty things I covet each time I go to the shopping mall –  technology – the latest iPads, a phone and a new lap top – the most recent model. Heck! I’ll probably pre-order one for good measure.

Clothes –  I’d go and buy some designer clothes and shoes – not too many- just to keep me looking rich – I mean I’m sure I’ll be invited to all the celebrity events. I’d also need a manicure, pedicure and a tummy tuck! Ha! Ha!

And yes, I tuck in some jewellery and perfume too.

And I’d buy a car and hire a chauffeur!

Then in the next month, I’d look to buy a really nice house – a nice family home, nothing too opulent but yes with huge rooms, en-suites for each and a den and a library – a huge library (I’m book crazy). I’d go book shopping too. To fill my library of course! Oh yes, I’d also need to have a goldfish pond in the back garden (which would extend for acres) with a weeping willow falling over it. You get the picture?

Depending on how much I won, I would actually like to own my own restaurant. A pretty little restaurant that serves up wholesome, home-cooked style food from around the world. (Don’t steal my idea – I’m going to win very soon!)

Obviously, I would put a MAJOR portion away for a rainy day – hello? We’re in England so everyday is a rainy day?

Have I covered it all? Clothes, shelter and food – yep – that covers it all.

Now all I have to do is go and buy a lottery ticket.

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