Ice-cream Meringue Tart

Ice cream is just a dessert on its own but there is so much that one can do with it and change it into a scrumptious dessert. Who doesn’t like ice-cream? With the children, I know that they can have an ice-cream at any time of the day and during any season.

When I was invited to submit a recipe for the Kelly’s of Cornwall’s ice-cream competition, I decided to share something quick and easy to do that went down a treat with my children.

Total time – 10 minutes maximum

Taste factor : 10/10

You will need –

6 tart cases

1 tub of Kelly ‘ s ice cream ( you can use any flavour but I used strawberry and it was yum)

6 mini meringues

Strawberry sugar to sprinkle

Chocolate sauce


You can either use store bought cases or make your own (I bought them on this occadion)

Microwave the tart cases for about 5 – 7 seconds. You don’t want it too hot or the ice cream will melt. Add a few spoons of Kelly’s ice cream to the tart case. Spread it out evenly.

Add some sugar sprinkles.

Place the meringues on top.

Decorate with chocolate sauce and add some more sprinkles to top it off.


The children enjoyed making these as they were really easy to make.

If you don’t want to use meringues you can add fruit like bananas or strawberries. You can also just use ice-cream and top with sprinkles, chocolate swirls or chocolate sauce.

This is a really easy recipe and is ready in no time so if you are having guests over, this is perfect. It also looks fabulous when you serve it.


Kelly’s ice cream is really creamy and I love the strawberry pieces in it. The ice-cream is made with clotted cream which makes it lush. There are a number of different flavouris and I can’t wait to try out the Clotted cream and black currants and the Mint Chocolate Chip.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a voucher to buy a Kelly’s ice cream tub, to take part in the competition. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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