I missed doing the school run during the holidays…

I never thought I would say this but…I actually missed doing the school run!

I may also regret saying this at a later date but for now, I did miss it.

Today, my eldest now in Year 4, began the new school year and while getting ready and doing the school run, I found I actually missed doing it for the past six weeks.

Maybe it’s down to the fact that I get to take a walk with the 3 children and listen to them chatter – all excited or moaning – depending on the day and the mood. It is also great to invent games on the way – we are quite often spies or secret agents, we count specific vehicles and also spot colours and birds and flowers.

Maybe it’s down to me getting dressed and meeting other mums and being organized for the day. I find the holidays are a bit disorganized as there is no rush to do anything.

Maybe it’s because there is nothing nicer than taking that first breath of fresh air in the morning.

A lot has to do with seeing the children excited and skipping to school with happy faces.

A lot has to do with the weather and today the sun is shining bright and there is a cool breeze blowing. Great weather!

Whatever, it is, today doing the school run made me realise that I actually love doing it and that I ACTUALLY missed doing it during the holidays.

So, did anyone else miss doing the school run? I would sure like to know so please leave a comment below.

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