I Just Love It…Baking Cupcakes

Last week I was invited to a rather lovely event by I Just Love It.

I Just Love It has a huge selection of fabulous gifts that can be personalised from pencils to rolling pins to jewellery and books. It is a great site to go to for gift ideas as there is something for everyone.

I particularly love their Christmas shop. 🙂


Now the event I was invited to was not really to make a personalised gift but close enough – to make cupcakes which of course you know is the closest thing to personalisation as it depends on how you want to decorate it.


It’s been sometime since I made cupcakes and got to decorate them myself. I normally have the children wanting to decorate them and I never get a turn. (pouty face)

But – yay! I got to make royal icing, decorate cakes and I didn’t have to clean up after myself.


I did some pretty good decorating – I think! And I got the royal icing perfect too.



It was also great to meet some other mummy bloggers  – Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours and Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to One and catch up.

Thanks to I Just Love It for putting together a lovely day.


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