I have to let go…of my baby’s hand

Today as I did the school run, I was filled with a mixture of sadness and happiness.

I had to let go of my youngest’s hand.

Today she started full time school.

I know I shouldn’t have been blinking away tears as she’s been attending Nursery in the same school for the last year.

But as I ironed her uniform for today, it looked so little.

When she was dressed for school this morning, she looked so little and so grown up at the same time.

And as I let go of her hand at the door of the classroom, I realised one thing – I didn’t want to.

I was not ready.

Not ready to let go of my baby. Not ready to relinquish her to someone else’s care for so long.

Not ready to come back to an empty house for a major part of the day.

And I held on just that tad bit longer.

But then…

It’s me – who’s not ready.

She is ready – ready to go out an learn and develop in the school environment.

Ready to make new friends.

Ready to let go of my hand and run into her classroom.

And I realise that no matter how much I will miss her.

I have to let go.






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