I have been nominated for a MAD Blog Award

If you have been regularly following my blog you will know that I have been taking pride in adding a number of badges to my blog where I have been chosen to be an ambassador for a brand.

But this new badge is a special badge that I am really excited at having on my blog.


It’s the MAD Blog awards badge and I added it to show that I have been nominated in the Best Writer Blog Category. Yippee!! YAY!!

If you are a blogger you will probably be familiar with the MAD Blog Awards and know what an honour it is to be nominated in one of the categories.

If you are not a blogger, the Mum And Dad Blog Awards, in association with Parentdish, is the UK’s biggest awards for parent blogs.

It is an honour for me to be nominated and then make the finalists and hopefully win an award as it would mean that all my hard work with my blog has paid off.

There are a number of categories and I would love to be considered for any of the following –

If you like my writing and poetry, maybe you could consider me for Best Blog Writer or if you like hearing about our days out and cooking and crafting with kids then the Best MAD Blog for Family Fun or Best Schooldays Blog and if you really, really love my blog then Blog of the Year (yes, I always aim high)

I leave you with a few posts that would put perspective as to why I should be nominated.

Poetry – Out of the darkness comes the light, World Book Day, What’s it like in heaven, Mum

Writer – First day at school – a mother’s view, The day I died and lived to tell the tale

Cooking – Halloween cakes, Victoria sponges,

Crafting – Valentine’s Day

Family days out – Travelodge, Sea Life London, River Cruises

It would mean a lot to me to be nominated as I know that there are several wonderful blogs out there. Obviously the more nominations I receive, the more chances I have of making the finals.

All you need is my url which is https://jacintaz3.co.uk and armed with that you need to head out to the nominations page and enter the url into whichever category you think I deserve to be nominated for.

If you think my blog is brilliant 🙂 then you could also tweet about my blog or share about it on Facebook so I can make the finalists.

It would mean a lot to me and to my 3 and who could refuse these faces? Yes, I am pulling all stops.

three in heart 1


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