I am going to BlogFest – YAY!!!

So……I am going to BlogFest!

I am so excited, I feel like shouting it out from my rooftop – but since the tiling may not hold, I shall give it a miss or I may miss BlogFest completely.

I am also nervous – because I don’t know many bloggers who are attending.

Sure, I ‘know’ a lot of bloggers online – I have chatted with them, shared views, sent emails and tweeted them. I have read their blogs so I know quite a lot about them too. But to actually meet them face to face can be quite daunting.

I had attended only one other blogging conference and I didn’t really know anyone there. I got through it fine but I wish I had known more people. I also wish I had put aside my shyness and gone up and said ‘hi’. Actually I did, and then had nothing more to say so I wished the ground would swallow me up. Promise to keep up the converstaion going if I say ‘Hi’?

I have been interacting with Mumsnet for some time now and I am definitely looking forward to BlogFest. I have seen there is an excellent line up of speakers and it is really hard trying to choose sessions. I have chosen mine and even sent my choices to the Mumsnet team but I will probably change my mind before that!

I am really interested in the Blog Clinic and would love a few critical views about my blog. (Don’t be too harsh though – I am the sensitive type)

I am hoping to come away having learnt much more about having a successful blog, making many more blogging friends and having eaten lots of cake (as promised in the email from Mumnet)!

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