I am a #shortcuteggspert :)

How eggciting! I am now a “Shortcut Eggspert” 🙂

Logo for BritMums Shortcut Eggsperts copy What does this mean?

For me it means, I get

  • To work with British Lion Eggs  and BritMums and share wonderful recipes
  • To cook main meals with eggs using shortcuts to prepare easy, fast meals that are just yummy.
  •  Another lovely badge for my blog. 
  • To enter some exciting challenges cooking with eggs and let you know how I get on.

For you, it means you get

  • Some wonderful tips and recipes about cooking main meals with eggs
  • A change to set how I get on with the challenges and hopefully not land up with egg on my face!

Sounds fun for both of us? Egg-actly as I thought.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook using #shortcuteggsperts

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