I am a Reading Eggs Golden Eggsplorer

As a teacher, I always encourage reading as I believe that it is the first step to learning. It helps concentration and opens up new vistas that can be reached by reading. I am a voracious reader myself and I’m happy to say that my children love books too. As you can see, we review quite a few books.

I have worked closely with Reading Eggs over the past year or so and have found it to be an excellent tool in helping children to read.

I was thrilled to be asked to be a brand ambassador and be chosen to be a Reading Eggs Golden Eggsplorer.

Ethan is reading well and is reading at a level older than his age which I love.

Aeryn has just started Nursery so this is ideal for her. She shows a lot of interest in learning phonics and enjoys learning to read with Reading Eggs. We have just begun but she loves working on the different activities and always want to do more.

Ethan has been also working on his reading and has also begun working on the Mathseeds area but I have adjusted his progress level accordingly.


As a parent, I like the way the site is set out.  I particularly like the placement test which allows you to put your child at the right level of learning.

I also like the repitition as it helps to reinforce learning which is so important in little ones. It also helps that you can either start from the very beginning or adjust progress according to the level your child is at. This means that you can join Reading Eggs at any stage of learning.



It is a great site for children to learn to read as it is interactive and can hold their interest long enough to make learning a joy. My two ask to go on it which makes me happy. Ethan can also work independantly. Aeryn needs a little help but only because I use it on my laptop and she needs help with the cursor.


Since she will be joining Reception and starting proper school, I’m glad to have access to Reading Eggs so I can ensure that she is ready for school and already familiar with reading and numbers.

Free Trial

As part of the School Readiness Campaign, Reading Eggs is offering you a free 4-week trial of Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. To sign up, click here


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