I am a BritMums Live Butterfly

Yay – I can’t believe I’m going to Britmums Live this year – as a butterfly  – no less! No, I will not be dressed as a butterfly. Yes, I will be flitting around making friends and trying to help others make friends.

I remember my first BritMums Live 2 years ago. I was scared. It was my first ever blogger event. I didn’t know anyone (well, just a handful of bloggers I had met at a previous event). I was nervous to approach people and wrote this post.

The second BritMums Live was better – I knew more bloggers and mingled more.

This year I’m there as a Butterfly. Which means that I’m there if you need a friend, someone to talk to or be introduced to other bloggers.

In 2013, I was so awed by the Butterflies  – they were so cool and seemed to know all the ropes. This year, I’m a Butterfly. Says it all?

Just kidding!

The other butterflies and I will be mingling and making sure that the new bloggers are at ease. I went through it once so I know that it can be quite a daunting experience.

BritMums Live is a lovely conference – it’s homely and people are all very friendly. Make the most of the experience. I know I will be.

And please do come and say hello if you are feeling lonely. I promise I shall be good company.

A short poem on how I feel about BritMums Live. I love the buzz and the feeling of community.


BritMums Live is here again

I don’t know what to wear,

But then the thing I learnt last year

Is really no one cares.

It’s not about the way you dress

Or the way you look

It’s not about the fact that you

Don’t do things by the book.

It’s all about community

To which we all belong

Where bonds are formed and friendships made

That remain forever strong.

You’ll learn some very helpful tips

 G+, Twitter and Pinterest

You’ll learn the ropes, you’ll know the score

From some of the very best.

You’ll have a lovely time I’m sure

You’ll be rid of all your fears

And by the end of Saturday

You’ll be looking forward to next year.

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