I am a BLOGGER – not a beggar!!

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I am a Blogger, not a beggar (as many people tend to think). And I am talking in particular about bloggers that do review posts.

I began my blogging career about a year ago and I use the word career because blogging is nothing less. That is of course you are a dedicated blogger as majority of us are. When I started blogging, I will admit, I began with the notion that I would get access to a lot of freebies. Nobody warned me that I would have to work late hours to complete those reviews that had to go along with them.

Yes  – I have received quite a few items to review – but in turn I have worked hard to write the review, take photos of it to go with my post, format my post to have aesthetic appeal and then network so that I can promote it. So though it may look like I may get something for ‘free’ – it relatively isn’t!

I have written to many PR firms and directly to manufacturers to ‘ask’ to do a review. Many of them have just gone unanswered, some have come back with unfavourable bordering on rude replies (this is what I mean when I talk about the beggar bit) and of course – I have met (online) some wonderful people who have got back to me. Some of these wonderful people have offered me products to review and some have taken the trouble to at least reply to my query and say that they are not offering reviewable items.

When I ‘pitch’ to a company for a review, I normally choose a brand that has items I would like to own. Nobody would like to write a favourable review (which is mostly expected) for something, you already know you do not like because then that would not be an ‘honest review’. Just like you would not go out and buy something you know you do not want or need. Thus when I ask to review a product, I am not ‘begging’ for it but I am asking to ‘advertise’ your product on my blog and in ‘compensation’ I get to keep the product!

Many of us accept sponsored posts or advertising which may bring in some money. But this works after many years of hard work for one’s blog to achieve some recognition before being accepted on such programmes. Also this provides many companies with cheaper advertising as advertising can be expensive.

Also there is a lot of hard work that goes into blogging – we create links so that the product receives maximum exposure, we create Facebook pages to advertise our posts, we run giveaways, we join blog hops, we join social networks and we manage our jobs out of home and in-home. Believe me it is not an easy feat! Many of us are Mummy bloggers – SAHM with little time between school runs, home care, cooking, cleaning, washing etc etc…

I think I speak for many a blogger when I reiterate – I am not a beggar, I am a BLOGGER, so please treat me as such!

6 thoughts on “I am a BLOGGER – not a beggar!!

  1. blogging certainly does take up a huge amount of time and as you say so do reviews. So you are absolutely right when you say that in the end it isn’t like getting the product for free when you consider the number of hours that go into each review. xxx

  2. Totally agree with you hun. I know how time consuming keeping a blog is and writing reviews. I too am up late at night writing. The products maybe be “free” but they aren’t really when you think of the time and effort you take in reviewing and then writing about them x

  3. I love this post and totally agree with you. Many of the reviews take quite a bit of work to complete. In fact I am actually a little back logged right now for exactly that reason…

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