Hugglebuddy Hideaway Review

A Lovable, Huggable Night time friend Jadyn and Ethan were given two Huggle Buddy Hideaways to review from Pitch TV. Jadyn has the Unicorn and Ethan has the Dragon. After seeing the television advertisements, they could not wait for the buddies to arrive. And they were worth waiting for!

The Unicorn is lovely and is white and fluffy with a yellow horn, little grey hooves and a gorgeous pink mouth and ears. When you want it to go to sleep just reverse it and make it a castle pillow. This one is pink. When its playtime, press the doorbell and you can hear a snoring sound before you unzip the door and take the unicorn out again.

The dragon is a beautiful green colour and it has a little pink tongue. It is a plush fabric and is soft and cuddly. The body is a lighter green with thin black lines on it.
The dragon also transforms into a grey castle and has a doorbell that you can press to hear snoring sound. Ethan spent most of the evening giggling and enjoying the snoring sound.

Jadyn and Ethan both love their Huggle Buddies and they are inseparable from them. They go everywhere with them and plan to take them on holiday with us.
The Huggle Buddy Hideaway toys are machine washable which is a great plus point with children as most mothers will vouch for. They are hand stitched and well made and a good size at about 13.5 inches in height. They make a perfect companion for night time, long journeys and overnight stays.

We would definitely recommend the Huggle Buddy Hideaway. It is available from Pitch TV for £24.99. They even do an express delivery if you require it quickly.

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