How We Enjoyed Our Doc McStuffins Twitter Party


You must have read all about our Doc McStuffins party on Twitter. Yes – it was trending on Twitter and reached a huge audience.

We had a lovely afternoon at home and here’s a short recap of all the fun we had.


We had been provided with a lot of goodies for a successful party and the children were thrilled to play with all the Doc McStuffins toys.


We started off the games with a different take of Pin the Tail on the Donkey which was Stick the Plaster. The children had to stick plasters close to the plaster on the poster and the one who stuck it closest won. And yes, there was a blindfold but it was a cute Lambie mask. 🙂


There was colouring –


Cutting food shapes …


We also had a lovely cake which the children enjoyed…



Besides the other party food –


One of the games was dressing up as Doc and treating their toys. The children enjoyed this one too as they had to guess which medical instrument to use for which illness.


And yes, they obviously went away with a lovely goody bag.


Disclaimer: We were sent some toys and products so that we could host a party. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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