How we enjoyed our #DesignaFriend Twitter party

Our recent Design A Friend party went off really well. Jadyn’s friends were thrilled to bits and they can’t stop talking about it.


Here’s how we enjoyed ourselves.

We started off with a little introduction to Design a Friend dolls and two girls who were invited had dolls from the range already. We had a bit of play time and then got down to business.

First up, we decorated some cupcakes. The girls were quite neat and decorated them rather nicely.


We then made some club membership cards where each girl chose their preferred doll and make a club card. The girls had loads of fun with the glitter.


By this time the girls were already hungry so we had some delicious food – there were mini pizzas, cheese twists and red velvet cake(made by yours truly).


After filling their tummies, the children were ready for some more games and they got involved in make their own dolls. Using the cardboard cutouts, the girls coloured in the dresses and ‘dressed’ their paper dolls.


Then the grand finale – Pass the Parcel. By the size, the girls had figured out that there was probably a doll amongst the presents and they couldn’t wait to see who’d be the lucky winner.


Well, here she is –


But all was not lost as everyone got a prize in the game. And then, it was time for the goodie boxes. The girls were thrilled with them and they did spend some time ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over the outfits.


The dolls are exquisite and come packaged in lovely boxes. The accessories are also lovely and it is something that you can keep adding to.

daf dolls

It was a wonderful party and ALL the girls have asked for dolls and accessories from the Design A Friend range.

A big thank you to Argos and UK Mums TV for choosing us to host this party. We all had a great time.

Disclaimer: I was sent products to host the party. All ideas and opinion are my own.How

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