How To Renew Your CCW in Sacramento


As a conceal and carry permit holder, it is important to know what to do when it comes time to renew. In the State of California, there are set rules and regulations that pertain to renewing. If you don’t follow it to a tee, you could jeopardize your permit, and lose the privilege to conceal and carry, until the matter is cleared up.


It’s essential that you don’t let your CCW permit lapse. Restarting the process is time-consuming, with a lot of paperwork. So to keep you informed, and stay ahead of the permit renewal, below are the requirements set out by the counties of El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento, and everything you need to know about staying legal.


When Should You File Your Renewal?


Of all the tricky questions surrounding filing a CCW renewal, when is the most asked. In Sacramento, CCW permit holders need to renew every two years. While this doesn’t pertain to every individual, it does for most. The reason knowing when to file is so essential, is so that your license doesn’t expire. When a CCW license lapses, you will have to go through the entire process of obtaining a CCW license. There are no short-cuts; you have to start all over again.


It is recommended that for those knowing they need to renew, to do it early. Check your permit to find out when it is due to expire, and make sure to file the renewal at least 30 days before then. Sacramento County states that they recommend even as early as 45 days. For surrounding counties, they are a little more firm on when you can submit the proper documents for renewal. In El Dorado County, they won’t accept renewals before 30-days before expiring.


In Sacramento, there is only a 60-day grace period to turn in your renewal forms. After the 60-days the process to hold a CCW will have to be restarted.


Are Continuing Education Courses Required?


In addition to the paperwork you need to give to the county, you will also be required to attend a CCW course. Courses must be approved by the county, and are required to be at least 4 hours long. For those that live in Sacramento County, you will need to complete your 4-hour continuing education course 90-days before your license expires.


For El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento Counties, applicants can take their courses at The Gun Range. They have approved courses going on every week and will give you a certificate of completion once you are done with the class.


One fact that is essential to renewing and the courses required is which ones you need to take. While you may think you only need to have a 4-hour course and you’re done, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you have more than one type of firearm, you will have to complete a course for each that you want to be listed on your license. When filing your renewal, you’ll need proof of completing the courses in addition to your other renewal paperwork.


How Much Does It Cost?


California has a standard fee for all CCW renewals. Each applicant has to pay $77.00 at the tie of submitting your request. California breaks down the $77 payment into a $52.00 Department of Justice fee and an administration fee of $25.00. For more information on costs and to continue learning about the requirements of renewing your Sacramento CCW license, visit    


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