How to Make Your Summer Holiday One to Remember


When schools draw to a close for the summer holidays, the kids may be excited but you, the parent, can be filled with dread. How can you possibly keep them entertained for so long? One way to ensure your kids have a great time while you and your partner also do, is to go on holiday to somewhere hot, fun and completely wonderful.

There are many elements of planning and booking a holiday, so there’s no time like the present when it comes to starting your vacation for summer 2018. For tips on how to make your summer holiday one to remember, consider the following advice.


Book Child-Friendly Accommodation

You and your kids may need some specific requirements, plus you will want to feel as safe as possible. While a hotel can be great, you’re also confined in what you can and can’t do. Hostels are completely out of the question, however, if you’re heading to Portugal, there are many child-friendly villas in Portugal for you to browse through. Not only is private accommodation a great way to keep your kids entertained, but there is the added benefit of privacy and freedom which hotels and hostels simply do not offer.


Let Them do the Research

Most kids are dab hands at surfing the net for information, so let them get on with it and see what they find out about the destinations they want to visit. They can select places of interest they wish to see, as well as activities that interest them. Once they have created a list of their top five interests, you and your partner can see what the best activities for your family are to do and how best to work them into the holiday. Of course, you won’t be able to cater to all, but try your best to include one thing from each child.


Encourage Them to Document the Holiday

If you’ve got more than one child, this is the perfect group activity. Assign one of them to be the photographer, one to write the notes and one to collect souvenirs. When you get home, it’ll be something you can all enjoy looking at and reminisce over. Encourage them to record how they were feeling and the impressions they had when visiting places for the first time. Keepsakes such as pebbles from the beach, restaurant menus, tickets, postcards and souvenirs can all be kept in their holiday journal.


When the holiday is over call, a family meeting and discuss how it went. Was there anything they wished they’d done differently? Is there anything they’d love to do again? If it was a successful family holiday why not repeat the exercise next year? If anything, it can only get better and better as your children become expert holiday planners. It will also stand them in good stead for when they have to plan their own holidays in the future.

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