How to Make Some Quick Cash in Time for Christmas

As summer draws to a close, the dreaded ‘C’ word starts to enter our vocabulary. Yes, believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. Unfortunately, in what are hard times, even the thought of the ‘festive’ season can fill us with dread. How are we going to be able to afford those presents? What if we don’t have enough money to be able buy our loved ones the gifts they deserve?

But worry, not! Many of us have enough unused items lying around the house to pay for presents for many Christmases to come, or have the potential to earn Christmas spending money without doing any work. Here are some ideas to raise those much needed funds.


One of the easiest way to make quick cash is to sell your unwanted or unused items online. Unwanted presents, antique items and useless clutter can often make their original value, or more, with the right buyer. If somebody is looking for a particular, hard to get item, they are likely to be hanging out online, waiting for the right seller. If you are considering selling some stuff for cash, take some time to consider where your potential buyers are likely to be. Specialist magazines or comics may sell better through a related message board or publication than through eBay. Amazon Marketplace will usually be the best place to sell books. If you have something unique to sell (e.g. a signed sports jersey) consider platforms such as Facebook or Twitter which are less traditionally used for selling. Use good quality photos to attract attention, set a fair and reasonable price and be patient.

Almost any item can be sold online and things that you may normally throw out may be of value to someone. These include common items like books, DVDs or CDs, which are in good condition and no longer available new, or cheaper than the new price; collectors’ items like stamps, comics, special edition coins, autographs, old concert tickets and football match programmes; or items which are broken but which have components that could be used for spare parts including computer screens, phone chargers and car parts.


Old computers and mobile phones, metals such as aluminium and copper and unwanted clothing are just some of the items that you can get paid for by simply recycling. It’s true that old drink cans don’t weigh much, but aluminium pays well and simply collecting you metal waste can earn you some cash. Unwanted clothing and household furnishings, if sold in bulk, are a particularly easy way to make some money and some companies pay irrespective of the condition the clothes.

Earn and collect

Don’t just think about money when you are looking to find a way to buy Christmas presents. Loyalty points and associates programmes can be a good way to earn credit for shopping. Nectar gives out points for just downloading and using a special search toolbar. You can earn Amazon vouchers through the Amazon Associates programme by referring sales via a website or blog. Completing online surveys can also earn you some cash or loyalty points.

Sorting through items and sourcing the right buyer may take some time, but when you start to sell your clutter for money, you’ll realize that it’s well worth the effort.

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