How to make Christmas more affordable

When you have three little ones to buy for or a larger family, it’s quite easy for Christmas to slip away from you. While the festive season of fun and thrills is certainly full of warm hearts and good cheer, there’s no denying the cost. Filling up Santa’s sack can cost you a small fortune, particularly if your kids still hear the bells on Christmas Eve.


However, there are some ways that you can make Christmas more affordable. Here are the key options that we recommend you consider.

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Look For The Sales


One way to save through the Christmas season is to explore the sales. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, there are quite a few deals on throughout December.


This does provide the opportunity to get some money off the must purchase items of the season. For instance, Pokemon Sword dropped £5. While this might not sound like a fantastic deal, every little helps and it all adds up eventually. 


Other stores were offering different types of deals. For instance, Apple was providing buyers with gift cards for different purchases. So, you could buy one item and get money off a second. 


Now, there is a problem to be aware of here and that’s masquerading deals. There are cases where a shop or ecommerce website will raise the price of a product in the months before Black Friday and then drop it. So, it looks like a great deal when the reality is that you’re paying the typical price. 


While there are a lot of cases like this on the market, if you’re savvy you can find the true golden nuggets in all the hay. 


Borrow To Buy


It’s possible that you don’t have the money in your account to pay for everything that you want this Christmas. Or rather, everything that your kids asked for from Santa. That’s okay, not many people do and it’s quite common to take a sharp intake of breath when the final bill comes in. Who knew you could spend so much on Amazon and in stores on the high street?


If you are low in the lead up to Christmas, it could be worth borrowing. A big benefit of borrowing to pay for Christmas is that you don’t have the stress of trying to squeeze everything into your monthly budget. Honestly, that’s probably not going to happen, regardless of what steps you try and take here. 


If you are going to borrow, make sure that you find a reputable business. It’s crucial that you can afford the loan and that you will be able to pay it back. Online loans at New Horizons and similar resources are the ticket here. With this option, you can make sure that you get the money you need without interest rates that aren’t meant to be even nearly affordable. 


Buy What You Want Not What You Need


A big mistake at Christmas is buying things that you need and treating them as gifts. As well as taking a lot of your Christmas budget, these just aren’t exciting presents. They’re not what people want to open on Christmas morning. Sure, you may need a vacuum, it doesn’t mean you should wrap one up and call it a gift. 


This is what the New Year sales are for. Unlike the Black Friday deals the majority of sales that you see at New Year are providing real value. Why is this? Well, these are clearance sales. The stores have to shift the stock to make room for new products. As such, you can get everything from kitchen appliances to car accessories all for budget beating prices. 


Use Online Sources


Finally, do make sure that you are paying attention to bloggers as well as sites like Hot UK Deals. Resources like this are fantastic for finding everything that you need for Christmas at a lower price than you might imagine. 


These deals appear and disappear fast. For instance, Hot UK Deals pointed out last year that Asda was selling the Xbox One X for less than £100. This was obviously a sales error however purchases were accepted for a full day before the error was corrected. If you pay attention, you can find fantastic savings like this around Christmas every year, mistake or not. 

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Finally, it’s worth thinking about Christmas food shopping before you figure out how to fit everyone around the table. Like the toys, games and other gifts, there are often great deals on Christmas food too. These deals often come weeks before Christmas so make some room in your freezer and you can still take advantage of this option. 


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