How to make a Super Mario Bros. 2 Door Sign – #Nintendocrafts

As I have mentioned before, I am enjoying being a Nintendo family blogger. I do get some great games to review but besides all that, we get involved in some lovely craft activities that the children and I love doing.

The last time we baked cakes and we also created our own Mario Karts!

This time we were provided with all the things required to make our own door sign. What fun!

nintendo door 1

The children could not wait to begin. In case you want to make something similar too, here’s what you need.

Coloured card

White paper

Tracing paper

Colour pencils/crayons/felt tips



First, all you need to do is either draw out the design of Mario and Luigi. You can download a copy of this below and print it out and then cut out the shapes. Of if you want, for more fun – download it and then print off and trace it out. Then colour the pictures in.


Cut out 3 pieces of card – a thick yellow piece, a thinner longer green piece and a purple piece.

Cut off a thin green piece to fit horizontally and a white strip for the name to be written.

nintendo door 2

Cut out 2 white cloud shapes.

Cut out Mario and Luigi and then stick them on to resemble this picture.

nintendo door 3

Then add glitter or decorate as you like. Write your name in the white space.

Ta-Da ….Your personal Mario Kart Door Sign.

nintendo door 4

We had a lot of fun making the door hanger and the fact that it was Nintendo made it even more so. A great way to keep the children occupied when it’s raining outside.

If you attempt to make this door sign, please do tag me on Twitter @jacintaz3

Disclaimer: I received the above products to make a door sign with the children as we are Nintendo Family Bloggers. There was no monetary compensation for this post. I thought it would be great for my readers to attempt as we had such fun making it.

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