How to keep the children occupied on a rainy day

A short while ago, I wrote about the weather being too hot.

Seems like someone up there heard me and now we are stuck with rain.

Definitely not a good option with 3 children who are in the holiday mood.

Here are some things we love to do when it is raining outside:

Bake – who doesn’t love getting messy with flour and butter and then licking the spoon?  Who doesn’t love the smell of cakes baking in the oven?

Choosing what to bake is hard enough – but after we get there, there is an eternal fight as to who will do what.  The children are enjoying the Yolk hero and we spend quite a lot of time doing that bit again and again.

Needless to say, unless there is a big batch made, the cakes don’t last very long but there is something about baking your own cake that makes it taste even more delicious. Sometimes we can’t even wait for the cakes to cool to decorate them!!

Picnic on the carpet – Who says you need to go outdoors for a picnic? We often have a picnic on the carpet and with the weather as is these last few months, it has been quite a frequent phenomenon.

We get out the plastic picnic plates and cups and make sandwiches, pittas and dips, fruits, juice and spread the picnic blanket down and voila! – lunch goes down extremely well!

Movies and popcorn – This is a favourite for obvious reasons! We get out the duvets into the living room, make some popcorn and snuggle up on the floor watching DVDs – hopefully the children fall asleep while doing so!

Craft, Colouring, Painting – Get out the crayons, the paints and have a competition to paint the sunniest day. It’s great fun and the children love getting  creative.

Read – There is nothing better than everyone getting together and reading books. We read together all cuddled up and these are the best times.

Walk in the rain – If it is not a heavy downpour, get your wellies on, take your brolly and go for a walk in the rain. It is great fun (until you get splashed by a car) and maybe you can jump in muddy puddles (Peppa Pig Style) with the children.

After the walk, return home for a hot chocolate drink. Yum!

Once you have tried all of these – sit back and wait for the rainbow!


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