How the Kids Keep Busy During the Weekend and Holidays

Any days off school means I have to think of things to keep the children occupied. Long bank holiday weekends, half term and term holidays see the children constantly bored. We do go out quite a bit as there are always events that we get invited to but when they are home, they love being on their devices and playing games.

I try and keep them off the devices to keep a balance. Here are some of the things we get up to during the weekend and holidays –

  1. Visit the local park – The children love to go to the park – which child doesn’t? They take their cycles and scooters and enjoy the fact that the days are longer. It helps that the park is just around the corner and it is quite a big park so there is a lot of space tx94b8HwtR9o run around or just sit down and make daisy chains.
  2. Go for a family walk – We love visiting the larger parks so we can get in some exercise all the while marvelling at nature and all the greenery around. We drive to the park – there aren’t any within walking distance and then set off on our hike. They seriously don’t realise how long they have been on their feet as they collect twigs, stones and flowers for their nature collection.
  3. Play board games – It’s great fun to get the family together and play. Really play – the old fashioned way! Indulge in board games – like ludo or snakes and ladders and the odd game of chess. The children love playing chess.
  4. Cook/bake together – The children enjoy baking and cooking and when we’re at a loss of what to do, we make cakes. They love mixing the batter and licking the spoon, of course and then decorating the cakes. Most often we don’t get round to decorating as they can’t wait for them to cool and gobble them up. We really need to make more in one batch.
  5. When all else fails and nothing seems to please, I allow them on their devices. They do enjoy playing online games and one of their favourite sites is Poki. Poki has free online games and there is a huge range to suit any child. There are Disney games, Barbie dress up games and racing games to mention a few. Lately, I’ve seen my oldest quite interested in playing the Colour Switch game on the site. I tried it myself and it is quite addictive. If you like playing online games, you must check this one out.

These are just some of the things we get up to on the the weekend. What do you do with the family on the weekend and during the holidays – besides taking a vacation of course!

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