Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Your Family’s Love of Disney

Is there a more wonderful world than one where your entire family loves Disney?

No, there’s not! It’s great fun when mum, dad, the kids, and maybe even the aunts and uncles can share a love for something as wholesome and exciting as the world of Disney. There’s something for everyone with Disney, and that makes it worth celebrating.

How can you express your family’s love for all things Disney without travelling across the world every few years to go to Disneyland? Well, we’ve got a few ideas….

Idea #1: Celebrate “Disney” Holidays Together

Most people will agree that holidays are usually when families spend the most time together, so why not incorporate Disney into this feeling?

Look up some of your favourite characters’ birth dates, movie release dates, and other special days from the world of Disney that your family cares about. Add these dates to the calendar.

When the special day is coming up, prepare for it with the family just like you would for Christmas, Easter, or another family holiday. Plan a fun meal, make delicious desserts, and maybe even give each other small gifts to celebrate the occasion.

By adding Disney to your family’s calendar, you’re sure to have more to celebrate together, and more fun Disney action all-year round.

Idea #2: Add Disney Decorations To Your Home 

When people first think of the words “Disney” and “Decoration” in the same sentence, they’re likely to also think of words like “Kiddie,” “Childish,” or “Immature.”

But Disney decorations aren’t just for kids; they can be for the whole family!

Part of the beauty of the world of Disney is that its magic can easily be extended in an elegant family setting without losing the excitement. Embroidered pillows, framed quotes, and Disney figurines are just three of the many ways you can bring a little Disney home.

Disney figurines are fun because you can make a simple display that functions both as an art piece and as an expression of your family’s love of all things Disney. Win-win situation!


Idea #3: Plan A Regular Disney Movie Night

Rather than simply watching Disney movies when you feel like it, make Disney Movie Night an official part of your family’s weekly calendar.

Each week, a different member of the family can have a chance to choose which Disney movie they want to watch. Prepare an accordingly-themed dinner in advance of the movie, and then have some popcorn during the show.

Once it’s over, you can plan for next week, talk about your favourite parts of the movie, or play a game of dress-up. No matter what your family looks like in terms of age, you can find fun activities to make this night of the week everyone’s favourite!


Idea #4: Visit Disney-esque Locations Nearby

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to live near Disneyland or make regular trips to an area with official Disney stores.

That does not mean that your family can’t go on regular Disney outings!

Instead, get creative with your interpretations of what a “Disney location” is. Think about visiting a restaurant that serves soul food like Tiana makes in The Princess and the Frog. Or, stop by an old stone chateau like the one that Belle is trapped in when she falls in love with the Beast.

The magic of Disney lives in the world around us. All we have to do is find ways to bring it into our daily lives!

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