How to fit everyone around the Christmas table

The festive period is here, and the big day is fast approaching.

With millions of people flocking to see family members for Christmas dinner, and with the average Brits drinking more than they should, it looks set to be a good day.

But, if you’re worried about fitting everyone in, we may have the solution below.


Get a bench

One great idea when it comes to the Christmas table is to forego the idea of chairs altogether and instead, opt for a bench. Easily purchased from places such as Heal’s, these can be placed either side of a table, and can fit as many people on as needed. This means whereas a table may have only fit three chairs each side, meaning there’s only room for three people, a bench could have room for four – instantly adding two more people. Or, you could put all the kids on one side, easily creating more space.


Get slotting

Maybe the issue is you simply have too many people to fit around the table, which means your table isn’t big enough. That’s easily sorted with a little table slotting here and there. If you have another table in the house or even a collapsible one that’s the same size as your dining table, simply slot them together for the instant creation of a grander table. You can easily disguise the fact its two tables with simple and stylish table cloths too.


More room

If you don’t have two tables the same size and you simply have too many people, then it’s time to get creative with a seating plan. Try using more than one table and then sitting different people at them. You could have the main table in the dining room for the adults and then a children’s table in the living room. It’ll be a little like a wedding, where you won’t have to deal with children making your table messy and the little ones can feel like grown-ups in their own dedicated space.


Maybe something new

Of course, if it’s all getting a little too much, there is one simple solution – buy a new table. You could either opt for a long table, complete with bench on one side to truly maximise the space or if you don’t have space, how about a table that’s bigger than it looks? These can be extended to add more space when needed, without dominating the home throughout the other months of the year – the ideal solution.

With Christmas around the corner, the last thing you want to do is get bogged down with table settings on top of everything else, and with these quick solutions, you should be all set come the big day.

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