How to choose the perfect blinds for your home

Does your house have a theme? I just feel that this is such an important aspect of a home. No, I’m not necessarily talking Disney but it’s always nice to have a co- ordinated home.

I have always matched colours and prints and ensured that curtains matched carpets and cushions and the like. Also I like my furniture to match too. Yes, I have been in homes where sofas don’t and that can be an eye sore indeed.

Another things that is really important is choosing blinds. Unlike curtains blinds cannot be replaced at the drop of a hat so it’s SO necessary to make the correct choice.

I feel the the simple white blinds are the most effective as then you can add curtains to offset them. White blinds tend to add a feeling of more light and definitely serve to brighten up the room. Of course, when considering which blinds you are going for you’ll need to consider the theme of the home.

Here are my top tips on deciding which theme your home decor should adopt-

1. Decide what look you want your home to have – formal, homely, traditional, contemporary, minimalistic and so on.

2. Will you be entertaining a lot and will you need space? If so, you’ll need to ensure that your home is not filled with furniture. High ceilings help as they give the air of space.

3. Do you have young children? Young children means you’ll be attending to spills and you’ll not have time to do round the clock cleaning. Go for easy clean surfaces and and themes that don’t reflect dust. Do not have small, breakable items lying around. Also the theme may want to appeal to children as you’ll definitely be have little ones over on play dates etc.

4. Be mindful of the area you live in – is it dusty? Darker furniture may help. Is it on a Main Street? Can people look into the house from the street. Blinds are an effective way of controlling how you can be safe away from prying eyes.

5. Give it your personal touch. Always make the decor your own. Have something within your decor that is a reflection of yourself and your family – a colour that you all like, a photo wall, cushions – get the whole family involved when choosing the theme.

Remember that the theme of a home in not something that you can change often as it means substantial expense. So when deciding on a them for your home, take your time and choose wisely because it’s something that you will have to look at everyday.





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