How I manage eczema prone skin with Aveeno

I have written often that my son suffers from eczema. It seems to be a family thing as my Mum also used to suffer from it mildly.

I have to be very careful of keeping his skin hydrated especially after a bath. Luckily for me I was sent some products from Aveeno to try out and these have been really great.


My favourite product was the bath oil. This is perfect for dry skin as it is oily and has a light fragrance of oats. Most of the other emollients have no scent and my son does not always like this.

The lotion is also great and it sits in my living room as we use it whenever required which is pretty often in the winter.

The cream is always in my handbag – it is ideal for keeping the skin hydrated when out and about and it handy for those school run mornings when I forget to get the cream on before we leave the house.

I suffer from detergent hands and it can get quite bad if I don’t use gloves to wash up or clean up the kitchen as if any detergent or sprays come in contact with my hands, they tend to look quite ghastly.

I find also with my son’s skin, it gets worse during winter with the heating on so I have to make sure that his skin is not dry at all times. (which is quite a difficult task!!)

I have found that a few things do help –

  • Keeping a bowl of water in the bedroom when the heating is on at night
  • Making sure that I towel dry him really well after a bath
  • Showers are better received than a bath
  • Using cotton clothes
  • Keeping him cool at night by using loose fitting clothes (some of the pyjamas these days – I can’t understand why they make them fitting!!)


Aveeno has also joined hands with children’s author Penelope Harper to create a series of books that talk about the adventures of Ellie (a little girl) and her pet gecko, Eddie. The books aim at helping parents and children to manage the problems of having dry, eczema prone skin.


I read one book with the children and they seemed to identify with it – especially the itchy, scratchy bits.

I love using the Aveeno products – they are a household favourite.

Disclaimer – I was sent a few Aveeno products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “How I manage eczema prone skin with Aveeno

    1. The bath oil is really nice.I find my son’s skin is really smooth and hydrated and it has a pleasant fragrance too. I have never used dermexa. Is it good?

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